Patrick Alan Miller, Ph.D., FASLA, FCELA — Professor of Landscape Architecture based in Blacksburg, Virginia and Nye , Montana

Diamonds along the necklace - Medical Arts Corridor of Confidence - Lynchburg, Virginia

Principle Investigator: Dr. Patrick A. Miller, FASLA, FCELA
Post Doc Researcher: Suhardi Maulan
Graduate Research Assistant: Hooman Koligi

ForVirginia Department of Transportation

The overall concept stresses 2 things, first, the creation of a unifying green corridor (necklace) with, second, nodes (diamond) at critical points along this corridor to punctuate and give identity to places along the corridor. The nodes are located based on, critical points where the corridor changes direction – they aid in way finding, topography (summits, values slopes) and context (land use, existing recreation and trails, railroad station, vacant parcels and etc.)