Patrick Alan Miller, Ph.D., FASLA, FCELA — Professor of Landscape Architecture based in Blacksburg, Virginia and Nye , Montana

Viewshed Study: Booker T. Washington National Monument

Principle Investigator: Dr. Patrick A. Miller, FASLA, FCELA
Graduate Research Assistant: Hooman Koligi

ForSponsor: Dr. John Kern, Roanoke Regional Preservation Office

The historic integrity of many historic monuments and sites is being threatened by sprawling growth and development. To avoid costly sprawl and achieve economically viable, people oriented development many forward looking local governments are concentrating development in designated growth areas. One such area is Westlake Center that lies adjacent to Booker T. Washington National Monument. The Booker T. Washington National Monument is the childhood home of one most prominent, historic African American leaders in the U.S.. However, because of the incremental nature of land development and pre-existing land parcels many such centers, including Westlake, continue to be automobile oriented and lack pedestrian scale qualities that are important to sustainable and economically attractive communities.

This project includes a viewshed study and develops planning recommendations that need to be undertaken to address these issues at the Booker T. Washington National Monument, a nationally significant historic site that can add significantly to the value to Westlake Center if development is done in complimentary manner. This can be achieved by preserving the rural character important to the historic integrity of the monument, while at the same time planning for a tourism and recreation oriented development that will take advantage of the proximity to this historic monument and the recreation opportunities of nearby Smith Mountain Lake